Android Auto Updates: Google is Rolling Out Seven New Functions

The day had come when Google made some of the early discovered new features for Android Auto official.

In the last few months, new functions for Android Auto have appeared repeatedly, some of which Google has now officially announced. Most recently, there was less fanfare about a process that allows Google Maps better to align itself with the steering wheel’s position. It happens automatically. But users are also presented with a new option in the settings.

Autumn update: Google announces many new features for Android Auto

With the big autumn update for Android, Google announced something more. First of all, the new feature for Google Assistant, which unfortunately we are not yet getting in Germany. You will be able to pay for the current refueling process by voice command. This is already possible in the USA at around 33,000 filling stations operated by well-known operators such as Exxon and Mobil.

Another early discovery is the GameSnacks, with which Google wants to make longer breaks attractive to us. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, drive-in, or wherever, these little games should make these breaks more bearable.

Game snacks Android Auto

The new media picks, which automatically suggest interesting music, podcasts, or news, make more sense. Of course, these suggestions are as personalized as possible and come from Google Assistant.

Finally, and practical for commuters: the work profile can be selected and used in Android Auto. This goes hand in hand with the support in Android Auto for dual SIM devices to set the SIM of your choice for telephony.

Waze gets a new interface for Android Auto

Waze for Android Auto gets a more significant update, bringing touchpad support, a night mode, and better lane guidance. In addition, the map is optically more in the foreground, and thus other control elements are pushed out of focus.

Android (Auto), Assistant, and Co. – Google update brings 14+ innovations!

Google has not yet mentioned anything about the new Coolwalk interface. It seems to be planned for a later date.

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