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Cartoons are one of the most popular types of shows. No wonder some people want to change their appearance to be like a cartoon. This is usually done on the photos they have. If you are one of them, maybe how to edit pictures into comics online here can be very helpful.

Several ways can be done to turn photos into cartoons. For example, you are using a digital image application. In the digital image application, there are many tools that you can use to turn photos into cartoons. However, this can only be done by someone who is quite good at drawing.

The method is quite simple; you only need to do tracing as an outline. For example, tracing hair, body shape, clothes, and other accessories used. Not to forget, the face is also traced to get optimal results.

After tracing, the next step is coloring. At this stage, usually, the creativity of each person is needed. You can immediately imitate the colors in the original photo or material. In addition, you can also create your colors.

The final stage that is usually done is smoothing the cartoon results traditionally done by giving shadow, light, adjusting contrast, giving additional image content, or detailing from coloring. With this, the cartoon results can be even better.

It may sound not very easy and requires a long process. But you can use another way, namely by editing photos into online cartoons. Just by visiting several websites or generator sites, your original images can be turned into comics.

The result is no less satisfying than making your cartoon. Curious what the website is? The following is complete information about it.

A Few Steps How To Edit Photos Into Cartoons Online

Several websites can turn your original photo into a cartoon look. With this website, you don’t need to bother downloading applications. In addition, you also do not need to draw it yourself. Want to know what sites can ? Here is a list of websites that you can use.


The first website that you can use to turn photos into cartoons is Cartoonize. In Cartoonize, you can get your cartoon photos with just a few simple steps. In addition, Cartoonize also has various effects that can be used to make your photographs more interesting.

If you want to turn your photo into a cartoon via Cartoonize, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Please use the browser on your laptop, smartphone, or computer.
  2. After that, please go to the Cartoonize.net website.
  3. Then, you can upload photos that you will later change.
  4. The trick is to click Upload from Disk.
  5. Please select the image you want to use.
  6. Wait until the upload process is complete.
  7. Then, please scroll down in the Pick an Effect section. Would you please choose which effect you like?
  8. If you have selected one of the desired cartoon effects, please click Save to complete the editing process.
  9. You can choose the format of the image to be downloaded. There are several formats such as JPEG, PNG, and JSON.
  10. Then click Save again if you have selected it.
  11. Your photos can be checked through the gallery or folder on your laptop, computer, or smartphone.

In this way, you can edit photos into online cartoons with just a few clicks. The process will not take more than five minutes. In addition to being simple, the results of automatic cartoon editing carried out also have satisfactory results. Would you mind trying this one way to turn your photos into cartoons?

Turn Photos Into Cartoons Through Cartoon.pho.to

Furthermore, there is another website with similar services, namely cartoon.pho.to. The function or service is the same, namely to change your photo to have a cartoon-like appearance. You can use this with these simple steps:

  1. Would you mind opening the browser via your smartphone, laptop, or computer?
  2. After that, you can visit the generator website, namely cartoon.pho.to.
  3. If you have entered, on the initial appearance of the website, there are several options.
  4. To start the process of turning a photo into a cartoon, please click Select a Photo.
  5. Then, select the image by clicking From Disk. This will allow you to access photos directly from a folder or gallery.
  6. After that, you can check Cartoon Effect so you can get the desired cartoon results.
  7. When finished, please click Save and Share. A new tab will appear after you click the command.
  8. On the new account, click Download.

Then the process of converting photos into cartoons can be completed immediately.

Of course, you can also use this method. In addition to just a few clicks, the cartoons produced are also excellent, as if they were drawn. So, you no longer need to bother using complicated ways to turn photos into cartoons.


Those two ways are not enough; you can still use other ways to make photos into cartoons. The trick is to use the Toonme photo editing generator. Here, you will get 3D comics that are much better than 2D cartoons.

In addition, the results you get are also of high quality or HD. However, the design options in Toonme are pretty limited. But, please update using premium features if you want to use the various design options provided. Well, the way to edit your photo into a cartoon is as follows:

  1. Please visit the Toonme.com website.
  2. If you are already logged in on the initial screen, please click the circle containing the (+) symbol or icon. There it says UPLOAD A PHOTO TO START.
  3. The command means, upload a photo to get started.
  4. Please click on the option and then choose which photo you want to turn into a 3D cartoon.
  5. When you’re done selecting photos, you can click on the design options located on the left side of the screen.
  6. If you want to download it in HD quality, click the Download in HD button whose writing is circular.
  7. When the Save notification appears, please click Save File.
  8. Then OK.
  9. So, the previous photo automatically has a 3D cartoon appearance.

This way, you can get better cartoon results. The reason is, the cartoons provided are in 3D, not 2D. 3D comics, of course, have a more accurate, detailed, and unique look than 2D cartoons. Would you please try Toonme to get those results?


In addition to the three websites above, BeFunky can also be used to turn photos into cartoons. In it, you can choose from many effects such as vintage, oil painting, polaroid, and of course, cartoon effects. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Visit the site BeFunky.com
  2. Please click Try it Now!
  3. Click OK, Got It!
  4. An editor page for editing photos will appear.
  5. Would you please select which image or photo you want to edit?
  6. If you use a laptop, you can directly drag & down the photo you want to make a cartoon.
  7. Or it could be by clicking Open at the top.
  8. Would you please select which image you want to use?
  9. If you’re going to edit it, look at the digital menu screen located on the left,
  10. Would you please choose which cartoon or animation model you want?
  11. If you use a free account, take a screenshot of the cartoon that has appeared.
  12. With this, you can get a quality cartoon display.

Those are some ways to edit photos into online cartoons that blockpress.me can share and use. Please choose which website you want. I hope this information helps.

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