Pixel 7 Is Already Showing Up in Google Source Codes Today

What’s in the Pixel 7, and are there multiple devices again? The first hints appear in source codes today.

The Pixel 6 has not yet been officially presented in full, as the successor is already showing—however, no images. But Google has already started development. Wherever the Pixel 7 shows up, more and more information about the current Pixel 6 appears. So the very first information about the generation of the coming year seems legitimate.

Birds instead of fish

Google calls its next smartphone internally “pipit,” referring to a bird species (pipit). After many years, Google switched to a different animal species with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro before smartphones were consistently named internally after fish species. It is also interesting that so far, only a single code name can be found. So is the Pixel 7 coming back alone, without a Pro model?

Google Tensor: Second Generation?

It is too early for that; a final judgment cannot be made. I would say that Google wants to lure new and existing customers again with two devices in the long term. So it is only a matter of time before the first clues about the Pixel 7 Pro appear.

It seems much more apparent that the new Google Tensor will also be in the Pixel Phones in the coming year. Then probably a first further development. A Qualcomm comeback is no longer expected for the expensive Pixel Phones. However, Google will likely continue to work with the ex-partner for the a-series.

The camera setup from the Pixel 6 may remain.

The colleagues from XDA were also able to find the first indications of an ultra-wide-angle camera, which Google is keeping in the regular Pixel 7. But it is too early for this, too; this decision can still be changed at any time. With the Pixel 6, Google uses a second camera for ultra-wide angle; the Pixel 6 Pro also has an optical zoom.

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